Picnic fun in the sun for Diagrama Adopters

Diagrama's annual adoption support summer picnic is enjoyed by all
Diagrama adoptive famililies enjoying summer party

This month saw 50 Diagrama adopters and children, and potential adopters join together for a fun filled afternoon. The weather was beautiful and everyone brought food to share for a picnic. The annual picnic in Purley, gives families the opportunity to spend time together, make new friends and keep in touch, offering helpful advice and encouragement to one another.

Three Diagrama social workers - Tara, Helena, Julie and Diagrama Adoption and Fostering Manager Catherine also attended the event and were on hand to answer any questions and offer support. Catherine said “It was a busy and very positive afternoon. It was so lovely to see the children enjoy themselves while the adults shared their stories. There was a couple who were approved earlier in the week as adopters who could speak with adopters and ask questions about the process.

Another couple who were midway through their stage 2 assessment came along to talk with adopters and hear more about this process as well. It was a well attended event.” While the adults chatted in the sunshine the children were kept well entertained with a bouncy castle, ball pit and a children's entertainer. It is so important for the children to make friends with others who have been adopted so they can share their experiences. It was a really enjoyable event for all!

Diagrama holds regular training for all registered foster carers. We also hold several activities throughout the year for the whole family where children can meet up and spend time with those who have had similar experiences. If you would like to find out more about adopting a child or fostering with Diagrama, please get in touch today.

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