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Welcome to Diagrama Adoption:

We’ll help you to create brighter futures and build your family. Adopting a child changes your life forever and we’ll support you throughout your adoption journey, every step of the way. We work with caring and compassionate adopters who provide a loving and nurturing family life for those who’ve had the most challenging start to life.

The Department of Education statistic in 2022 tell us there were 2,950 children adopted in England. There continues to be a similar number of children awaiting adoption today. They come from a variety of different backgrounds and some may have disabilities or special needs. Children who are over 4 years old wait longer for adoption, as do those who are part of a sibling group or who have physical or emotional issues that mean they require extra support.

While we welcome all adoption enquiries there are certain criteria to meet – read our frequently asked questions to discover if you can apply to adopt.

Making the decision to adopt a child is life-changing. People consider adoption for many different reasons and we understand how difficult it can be to take those first steps.

Diagrama Adoption is an independent, voluntary adoption agency rated GOOD by Ofsted. Our friendly, knowledgable, professional team members are dedicated to finding loving and nurturing families for vulnerable children waiting to be adopted.

‘Prospective adopters choose this agency over others.’

Diagrama Adoption has been rated GOOD in all areas by Ofsted. Inspectors noted that prospective adopters choose this agency over others as they value the personal approach and individual support given by its social workers. Many adopters return to adopt second and third children.

Prospective adopters choose this agency over others.

Diagrama adopter Noreen explains why she adopted with Diagrama, the training she received, the highs and the lows and how proud her adopted girls make her feel. "We wanted to offer a child a house full of love. It doesn't matter if they're not our biological children - children just need love anyway."

Our Services:

As a Diagrama adopter you can benefit from a range of activities including adoption support groups, picnics, parties and outings for the whole family where adopters get the chance to share experiences.

Our free training programme covers a wide range of topics. Our courses are delivered by subject experts and aim to provide with you with a broad range of skills and understanding of the challenges you may face.

We work in partnership with a variety of organisations. We are a learning agency and believe in collaborating with experts in the field and the sharing of best practice to ensure we offer a service of excellence.

Make a difference to a child’s life by becoming a Diagrama foster carer. We provide exceptional round-the-clock support, free professional training and excellent benefits. Get in touch with our team today.