The adoption process

The adoption process

Please know we are doing everything within our power to keep our service operating as usual during the outbreak of the coronavirus, whilst adhering to Government guidance.

However, this does mean all our staff are now based at home for the foreseeable future. Inevitably, this may affect the way we work with you. We may need to operate on reduced staffing – there is a chance this might slow down your application process, particularly as we will need to visit you at home at some point, provided that it is safe to do so. Every circumstance is different however and we will keep you informed every step of the way.

Making the decision to adopt a child is life-changing. People consider adoption for many different reasons and we understand how difficult it can be to take those first steps.

At Diagrama Adoption we aim to make your adoption journey as relaxed as possible, by offering a friendly, warm and personalised service. Our staff have many years of experience in adoption and will support you throughout.

To help you understand more about what’s involved in adopting a child, here are details of the stages in a typical adoption journey.

The process – Diagrama’s 7 steps to adoption

1. Your initial enquiry

Making the first contact to say you are considering adoption can be daunting, but there’s no need to worry – this is just an opportunity to find out more about adoption and the process – you’re not making any commitment at this stage. You can get in touch with our adoption team by phone 0800 802 1910, by email or by attending one of our information events.

They’ll answer any questions you have and will ask you a few basic questions about yourself and why you are interested in adopting. You’ll also receive an introduction pack explaining everything in detail.

If you need more time before speaking to us, you may find our frequently asked questions about adoption useful.

2. Your home visit

Next, one of our team will come and visit you at your home, at a convenient time, and go through the adoption process in more detail. This gives you another opportunity to ask any questions, to discuss what adoption means and explore whether it is the right decision for you.

Providing we’re both happy to proceed, we’ll then move onto Stage One of the adoption process. (We’ll tell you within five days of your home visit if we are unable to accept your application for any reason.)

3. Stage One – Training and Checks

Stage One of the adoption assessment process takes around two months to complete. This stage involves some admin tasks for both of us and also some training for you.

Our social worker will complete a Stage One Assessment Plan with you and explain more about the information we need you to share with us – this will include a family tree, a financial statement, information about important life events, health and safety and pet questionnaires. We will also take up statutory checks - this includes local authority checks, disclosure and barring services (DBS) checks, personal and family references and medicals.

You’ll be invited to our Stage One adoption training workshops and will have the chance to meet experienced adoptive parents. This three-day course will help you to explore your expectations of adoption and is a compulsory part of your assessment. We’ll also recommend some reading, e-learning, DVDs, etc for you and you’ll be asked to keep a record of your learning.

Your assessing social worker and adoption manager will then decide whether you may be suitable to adopt a child. If approved, you have six months to begin Stage Two. Some people choose to take a short break from the process at this time, while others will progress immediately. It really is up to you.

If for any reason we feel you’re not suitable to adopt during or at the end of Stage One, we’ll provide you with a clear, written explanation of the reasons why.

4. Stage Two – Assessment

Stage Two of the adoption assessment process usually takes no longer than four months.

During this stage, your Diagrama adoption social worker will visit several times for a home study assessment - each visit can last up to three hours. Topics you may be asked to explore include your family background and your motivation to adopt, your expectations of adoption and your understanding of the needs of adopted children.

You’ll also be invited to attend two further training workshops.

Your social worker will then write a Prospective Adopters Report (PAR) which you will have the opportunity to read through and comment on. Your PAR will include our recommendation on your suitability to adopt and will be presented to our adoption panel (who you will be invited to meet). They will then make a recommendation to the Agency Decision Maker, who will let you know the decision.

The preparation and assessment gave us a fundamental understanding of children and birth parents.

5. Family Finding

Congratulations! You have now been approved as an adopter and moved into the family finding stage of the process. During this stage, your Diagrama social worker will help you understand the process, from the stage of identifying the right child/children to when they are finally placed with you. They will be there to support you during visits, as well as when you attend the Adoption Panel to be approved for the match.

We will share information with you from the National Adoption Register about the children that need a family. There will also be the opportunity to attend adoption exchange days, BAAF activity days ( and other matching events, where you may have the opportunity to meet some of the children on the register.

6. Becoming a family

Following the match being recommended by the Adoption Panel and agreed by the Agency Decision Maker, a meeting is held to plan introductions. Your Diagrama Social Worker will attend with you, helping you prepare carefully for introductions, as well as supporting you with the transition to your family. Regular visits will be arranged by the child/children’s social worker, as well as your Diagrama social worker, to ensure you receive the necessary support and advice, as well as regular reviews. Once the child/children have been living with you for a period of 10 weeks, you are able to officially apply for an Adoption Order. However, the timescales for submission of the application for adoption is usually discussed within the review process and agreed with the local authority to ensure that it is the right time for yourselves, as well as the children.

The Adoption Order is the legal procedure in which the parental responsibility for a child is transferred to you, the adopter, and you will become the child’s legal parent.

7. Support

At Diagrama Adoption we make a life-long commitment to everyone who adopts through our agency as we understand that the Adoption Order is just the start of your journey together. That is why we provide a comprehensive support service whenever you need it.

We also arrange regular activities and events for you and your child/children with other adopters and their children and we have an adopters support network for you to talk to others who know first-hand what it’s like. We have an adoption education adviser who can help you navigate any challenges at school and have a support group just for adopted children too!