Children awaiting adoption

Children awaiting adoption

There are more than 4,020* children in England currently waiting to be adopted. They come from a variety of different ethnic and religious backgrounds and some may have disabilities or special needs.

What they all have in common is that they have had unsettled lives and most will have been taken into care. All will have suffered some degree of loss and separation, even if adopted shortly after birth. Sometimes they will have been abused or have suffered neglect of some form and because of that they may find it difficult to form relationships.

At Diagrama Adoption we recognise that regaining trust in adults can be a major challenge for adopters to manage and we will support you every step of the way to help bring stability and normality to their lives. Slowly, as their trust builds, you will see the transformation in their lives – as well as yours.

Children currently awaiting adoption

Boys, girls, brothers and sisters all need a forever home. Occasionally they are babies or infants, often they are older children.

Diagrama Adoption focuses on finding adopters for children who are considered ‘harder to place’ – those who are left waiting the longest.

This could be because:

  • They could be older (age 4+)
  • They may have a disability - even a mild one
  • They may have minority ethnic heritage
  • They may be part of a sibling group

Can I adopt more than one child?

More than half of the children awaiting adoption are part of a sibling group.

Diagrama Adoption works hard to find adopters who are willing to adopt brothers and sisters too, as it is often in the best interests of the children that they find a family where they can stay together, rather than risk the trauma of further separation.

Depending on the individual, only going through the adoption process once and enabling brothers and sisters to stay together can be appealing. If you’re thinking about adopting a sibling group you may find the following information from First4Adoption helpful.

Foot note *source – Coram BAAF - 4,020 children had an adoption decision but were not yet placed at 31 March 2018.