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Fostering for adoption

Fostering for adoption

Could you foster a baby or child with the possibility of adoption at a later stage?

‘Early Permanence’ (formerly and more commonly known as Foster for Adoption) is considered when adoption looks the likely path for babies and children in local authority care, but there is still a small chance they will be reunited with their birth family. In most cases, the children are very young. The majority of children considered for the Early Permanence pathway will go on to be adopted.

It means that when a child is placed with approved adopters they will foster them knowing there is a good chance they will go on to become their permanent, adoptive parents but that it isn’t guaranteed.

Early Permanence carers are approved as both adopters and as foster carers. As Diagrama has a joint panel for fostering and adoption, we can ensure this is a smooth and simplified process for you.

The Early Permanence arrangement helps offer stability for the child at a very early stage, avoiding multiple placements and the upheaval of moving from a foster home to a new adoptive family at a later stage, once the court has reached a final decision.

It also means the bonding period between the child and adoptive parents can begin sooner, which helps create a secure and loving family life for the child.

If you think you could consider Early Permanence, you will need to cope with the uncertainty about the future while awaiting the court’s final decision. We can help support you in this by providing additional training, preparation and support. Please get in touch with one of our social workers, if you wish to know more about this journey to adoption.