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Our partners

We are proud to partner with the following organisations:

Coram BAAF

Coram BAAF – Diagrama Adoption is a member of Coram BAAF Adoption and Fostering Academy - the leading membership organisation dedicated to improving outcomes for children and young people in care by supporting the agencies and professionals who work with them.



First4Adoption - Diagrama Adoption works closely with First4Adoption, the national information service for people interested in adopting a child in England to recruit new adopters through campaigning and awareness initiatives


CVAA (Consortium of Voluntary Adoption Agencies)

CVAA (Consortium of Voluntary Adoption Agencies) - Diagrama Adoption is a member of CVAA – an organisation which works to ensure our member agencies are enabled to deliver services of excellence to children, adoptive families, and all those considering adoption, or who have been affected by it.


New Family Social

New Family Social – Diagrama Adoption is a member of this UK network which offers specialist support for LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) adoptive and foster families. Our adopters receive regular updates from New Family Social as well as full access to their services.


South London Adoption and Permanency Consortium

South London Adoption and Permanency Consortium - Stretching across South London, Diagrama Adoption is one of four voluntary adoption agencies who have come together with seven local authorities to improve the services for and experiences of children in need of adoption and those seeking to adopt.


Social Care Training Hub

Social Care Training Hub – Diagrama Adoption subscribes to The Social Care Training Hub - the UK’s number one provider of blended learning specific to fostering, children homes, schools and care leaving.


Social Work England

Social Work England - All of our social workers at Diagrama Adoption are registered with Social Work England, an organisation which are taking a new approach to regulating social workers in their vital roles.