Activities and events

Activities and events

As a Diagrama adopter you can benefit from a wide range of activities and events provided by us.

Support groups

We have separate support groups for parents and for children and young people, where our adopters and their families meet informally several times a year.

Our adoption team arranges the sessions and you will have the chance to share experiences with other adopters, gather information on specific areas of interest and hear from guest speakers or advisers.

The aim of our children’s sessions is to offer the chance to meet other adopted children so they will not feel isolated by their circumstance.

These regular meet-ups are always informal and fun!


Parties and picnics and more...

We hold parties, picnics and outings for the children we work with across our adoption and fostering services, where parents and carers get the chance to chat in a social environment while children spend a few hours getting to know each other and having LOTS of fun! We find this is a really useful way for everyone to benefit from peer support, no matter what age you are.

Here’s our calendar of adoption support events.

Our adopters are also able to access our comprehensive adoption training programme and education advice too.


Understanding and Managing Traumas

From January 2022 - Weekdays between 10am -1pm

Understanding and Managing Trauma is a 5 day course spread over 5 consecutive weeks. It is facilitated by 2 experienced SW's, Margaret Gardiner who has 19 years experience of working in IFA's and 18 years as a foster carer and Garry Brennan who is also a therapist and experience family placement social worker.

Aims of the course:

To equip foster carers, adopters and SGO carers with skills and knowledge to support children and young people who have experienced trauma and multiple transitions

To reduce the disruptions and breakdowns for young people

To enable carers to understand the impact trauma has on children's brain development pre and post-birth and how this affects behaviour.

To explore attachments and the behaviour linked with different attachment styles and how to manage this behaviour

To explore ways to parent your child using NVR techniques

Supporting carers to practice self-care


Transitions and Identity

Brain Development and Trauma

Attachment and Secure Base

NVR Session

Reflection and Evaluation


Enhanced Connection Attachment-Focused Parenting/Carers Group

The Enhanced Connection Group is a unique, stimulating, empowering and experiential group aimed at adopters, foster carers and SGO carers who care for traumatised children.

This online group will run over 9 weeks and consists of weekly 2.5 hour sessions with up to 8 participants. The group will be facilitated by two experienced children and family social workers from Diagrama who hold additional therapeutic qualifications and practice knowledge. 

Download the leaflet below to find out more.



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