Diagrama Adoption’s fun-filled climb

Diagrama organises an exciting climbing event for adopted children to enjoy.
young adopted children climbing rock play wall

Diagrama Adoption organises regular events to provide opportunities for young adopted children to meet and build relationships with each other. This time Diagrama’s chosen activity was climbing!

Six children took part in the climbing activity, with one new member who came for the first time. The children enjoyed climbing together side by side, enjoying the challenge of reaching the top of the wall and cheering each other on. Some children at first were cautious but were encouraged by parents, staff and their peers to venture a little higher, until every one had reached the top.

Diagrama Adoption social worker Heidi Freeman said: “The children can meet up with the friends they have made through Diagrama adoption, building on the experiences they have shared. These events are thoroughly enjoyable for the children, to give them a challenge and see them succeed is very rewarding. It was a great relationship building activity.”

All the parents were able to chat over coffee in the cafe, sharing news and building friendships and of course Diagrama social workers were there to offer any support and advice needed.

These activities are always funded by Diagrama. If you would like to help Diagrama develop this adoption activity programme further, all donations are always very gratefully received. Or if you would like to support us with volunteering, please do get in touch with us, we would love to hear from you.

For more information on becoming an adopter or foster carer with Diagrama please get in touch with us today. Or to speak to someone contact the adoption and fostering team at adoption@diagrama.org/fostering@diagrama.org or 0800 802 1910.